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Joining DefendHerRights opens the door to a multitude of transformative benefits. As a member of our dynamic community, you'll gain access to a supportive network of like-minded individuals driven by a shared passion for advocating equal access to justice and inclusivity. Engage in thought-provoking discussions, workshops, and collaborations that amplify your understanding of women and youth with disabilities' unique needs.

Both positions provide unique avenues for personal and professional growth, allowing you to gain valuable leadership experience, develop skills in communication, teamwork, and project management, and make a real difference in the lives of those we serve. 

Apply to DefendHerRights

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As a Director, you hold a position of strategic leadership, steering the organization's course and shaping its vision. Your responsibilities encompass guiding our initiatives, fostering collaborations, and ensuring our advocacy efforts remain resolute and effective. This role requires a visionary mindset, exceptional organizational skills, and a deep commitment to our cause. In this influential position, you will work closely with fellow leaders, Core Team Members, and external partners to initiate and oversee major projects, ensuring their alignment with our mission and values. Your communication skills will shine as you represent DefendHerRights to the public, stakeholders, and potential collaborators. As a mentor, you'll guide and support Core Team Members, helping them harness their potential and contribute effectively.

Being a Core Team Member offers you the chance to be at the heart of our operational engine. As a dedicated contributor, you'll actively participate in planning and executing projects, workshops, and campaigns that directly impact the lives of women and youth with disabilities. Your creativity and passion will shape the content we produce, the events we host, and the advocacy strategies we employ. This role is perfect for those who want to roll up their sleeves and be hands-on in creating tangible change while working closely with like-minded peers and mentors.

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